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Man in a high vis giving a truck a daily inspection

Comparing Daily Walkaround Checks | Analysing Daily Checks for Different Vehicles 

In this guide, we will highlight the importance of daily walkaround checks. We will also cover some important components of the checks, such as tyres, AdBlue, brakes and oil levels, as well as how you can accurately report a defect to the relevant people within your company.

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Vehicles need tyres that have a suitable tread depth and the correct tyre pressure, and they must be in good condition. Defective tyres can lead to accidents and can receive a fine or penalty points if they are pulled over by the DVSA or police.

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A forklift truck (FLT) is used in many different work environments, including construction sites and warehouses. Explore our expert advice hub to understand the importance of daily checks, as well as the training required to operate and carry out these checks.

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Daily walkaround checks are required on minibuses in order to make sure standards are kept and safety requirements are met, with fines being issued to drivers who fail to comply with the guidance. View our expert advice hub for more information.

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