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Updated 08/06/2023

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) introduced the voluntary earned recognition scheme as a way for organisations with HGVs, LGVs and PSVs to prove their compliance and reduce the number of roadside checks that would be performed on their drivers. There are certain operators and companies that are eligible for DVSA earned recognition, but not everyone will qualify unless they meet the DVSA requirements.

In this guide, we will explore who needs to know about the DVSA earned recognition scheme, and what it can mean for business and transport managers alike. We will also explore how an organisation can meet the specific standards, the benefits of joining the earned recognition scheme, and how AssetGo can help you apply and streamline your processes.

Who Does the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme Concern?

The DVSA earned recognition scheme concerns operators with a fleet of vehicles, no matter the size, who have a strong, reliable record of compliance. Business managers, fleet operators and drivers alike should all be aware of the earned recognition scheme and the benefits it can bring to a company.

Businesses that operate HGVs, LGVs and PSVs such as buses and coaches can all apply for the DVSA earned recognition scheme, no matter how large or small their fleet is. All operators must have a current Standard International Operator’s Licence, also known as an O Licence. Organisations must also have had their operator’s licence for at least two years. You can also be self-employed or a run a business with a fleet of vehicles.

If you would like to apply for DVSA Earned Recognition, you should get in touch with a DVSA approved IT supplier to make the process more streamlined, saving you time when setting up.

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What Does DVSA Earned Recognition Mean for my Business?

As an operator who is part of the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, you can enjoy a range of benefits by proudly displaying the logo on your website and in your business proposals. With earned recognition status, you will be known as an “exemplary operator,” which you can mention when negotiating contracts as a way to prove that you are up to date with your compliance.

Your drivers will also be pulled over less frequently by DVSA officers, which will save your business time and money. DVSA officers will also be less likely to visit your premises to carry out audits, and you will be recognised as a DVSA accredited operator on the Government’s website. Operators who are a part of the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme can also benefit from dedicated access to the DVSA should they need to speak to someone.

In order to qualify for earned recognition, operators must have access to a DVSA authorised IT supplier who can help them report their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other requirements. As a DVSA approved IT system, we can automatically send your KPIs to the DVSA for monitoring, as well as schedule your Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMIs), servicing and MOTs. To find out more about choosing a DVSA authorised IT supplier, or for a free demo of our system, you can visit our website.

How Do I Meet the DVSA Earned Recognition Standards?

To check whether you meet the requirements for earned recognition, you must first fill out the self-assessment checklist on the DVSA website. If you answer “no” to any of the questions, you will not qualify and will need to meet the requirements you have missed before applying.

You must also have your organisation audited by a DVSA approved auditor up to three months before or three months after you apply. Both your vehicles and your drivers will be audited. Others checks that your auditor will carry out include:

  • Operator licences
  • The competence and knowledge of the transport manager or other responsible person
  • Vehicle standards, such as maintenance contracts, braking performance assessments, wheel and tyre management and daily walkaround checks
  • Drivers’ hours
  • Security requirements
  • Operation and driver management
  • Training
  • Additional policies

If you meet the self-assessment checklist requirements, and you pass your audit, you will be successful in joining the DVSA earned recognition scheme. You can find out more about DVSA earned recognition eligibility in our previous guide.

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How AssetGo Can Help

Here at AssetGo, we are a DVSA accredited vehicle maintenance system provider who can help ensure that the DVSA earned recognition process is as efficient as possible. Your custom dashboard on our system will automatically sync all KPIs during set-up, and will monitor all important data such as daily check performance to help you retain your earned recognition status.

To find out more about DVSA earned recognition and whether you qualify, please get in touch with us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the DVSA deal with?

The DVSA predominantly deal with driving tests, approving individuals to be driving instructors and MOT tests. They also have the authority to pull over HGVs, lorries and PSVs and issue fines or penalty points.

Can anyone apply for DVSA earned recognition?

No matter the size of your fleet, or whether you are self-employed or manage multiple drivers, you can apply for DVSA Earned Recognition as long as you have been an operator for more than six months and have obtained an O licence for a minimum of two years.

Do vans qualify for DVSA earned recognition?

Only those who hold an HGV or a PSV operator licence can apply for DVSA earned recognition. If you manage a fleet of vans and only hold a licence to drive a van, you will not qualify.