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Bulk Group are waste & recycling experts based in Penistone, South Yorkshire. They run a fleet of vehicles & plant machinery and are using Asset Go to perform their daily checks & manage their workshop & maintenance scheduling.

Because their fleet of assets includes various specialised equipment including JCB, Bobcats & Trommels as well as Tippers, it was clear that the standard daily walk around checklists specified by DVSA wouldn’t fulfill their operational requirements. Therefore, when specifying an electronic defect management system, it was imperative that unique, custom checklists could be created quickly & easily.

After looking at various systems on the market, Asset Go was chosen due to its easy to use drag & drop system that lets them create checklists to match their requirements exactly.

They were also impressed by the instant notifications and the way the system lets them keep track of any defects identified during their daily checks without time consuming paperwork.

Diane Carr from Bulk Group said “Things are updated instantly, I can keep a check on drivers start times, it’s quick and easy to find anything without getting folders out. I can add different records to system like Brake tests, LOLER records, tests etc. The system also works well as an asset register.. Quick and easy for anyone in office to use.

As well as our main vehicles, we can also carry out checks on our Operators licence, fork lifts, JCB , Trommel, Brokk, Bobcat, Fuchs and also Site checks. “

At Asset Go we know that not all fleets are the same and there is no one size fits all daily walk around checklist that works for everyone, especially within the waste management & recycling industry. If you would like to find out how Asset Go can help streamline your compliance procedures contact us today for an online demo & free trial.