The backbone of Britain

As the UK rightly applauds the heroic efforts given by the NHS workers, we must also acknowledge the unsung and unseen heroes helping to keep Britain moving.

As the majority of workers are forced to operate from home to help restrict the spread of Covid-19, it has become particularly apparent how much we rely on those delivering frontline and critical infrastructure services.

The media rightfully highlights the fantastic work carried out by our health service but there are also other industries, which don’t get the same level of accolade, who’s workers are operating day and night to keep our country going. For example, where would we be without industries such as transport and logistics, waste management and agriculture – whose staff work tirelessly to make sure goods are delivered (including essentials medicines and protective equipment), waste is disposed of and food arrives on our supermarket shelves.

The unsung heroes include people working as van and HGV drivers, technicians and mechanics, farmers, warehouse operatives, FLT drivers and transport managers – all helping to maintain supply chains, waste management services, utilities, food production and local delivery services. They make up ‘the backbone of Britain’ and their efforts are crucial at this time of national crisis – they not only keep the NHS supplied but ensure that our nation has the right provisions to enable it to fight this incredibly destructive pandemic.

It is saddening to hear reports of drivers being refused the use of toilets and other facilities and not being given the same level of support afforded to those working in other ‘essential services’, such as the NHS and Pharmacology. It is now increasingly important that we, as a nation, recognise how crucial these roles are to our survival and make sure they’re given the same prioritisation, protection and provisions as their counterparts in other essential areas.

With this in mind, we would like to show our gratitude to the unsung and unseen heroes of Great Britain.  We recognise and applaud your efforts to keep our country moving at this most difficult of times and ask that everyone spares a thought for and gives support to all those battling through adversity, seen or unseen, to deliver the services we require. You really are our heroes.