In case you missed it, below are details about our recent webinar discussing the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme we wanted to share it with you along with a link to the replay of the event on our Youtube page.

DVSA Earned Recognition Webinar

In this ‘round table style’ webinar, we explored the reasons for signing up and provide clarity on areas that may have been misunderstood by operators in the past.

As part of the discussion, the panellists also analysed how the Earned Recognition scheme can be integrated into existing compliance management technologies and processes such as AssetGo

Our panel for the discussion were Phil Breen, Earned Recognition National Account Manager, DVSA, Matt Abrams, Commercial Director, AssetGo and Oliver Cotton, Support Specialist, AssetGo.

At the end of the webinar, an in-depth Q&A that covered additional questions around the scheme and how it integrates with AssetGo.

You can watch the full webinar here

Some of the points covered during the webinar included:

  • What is Earned Recognition and how it benefits organisations
  • The types of operator that Earned Recognition suitable for
  • How a business can become an Earned Recognition operator quickly and easily

It also answered questions and debunked some myths around Earned Recognition that are often areas of concern for a lot of operators such as:

  • Whether or not operators are audited more after signing up
  • The operator data shared and what do DVSA get visibility of
  • The resources required to become an Earned Recognition operator
  • The KPI’s that are monitored
  • How easy is it to integrate into AssetGo
  • How the scheme is cost-effective and helps improve overall efficiencies (including examples)

For further information concerning the Earned Recognition scheme and how it can work for your business please get in touch today and speak to one of our support team who will be happy to assist.

The DVSA recently posted on their Moving On blog a post that dispelled some of the myths that you might hear about what they do & how they do it.

One really interesting point was the common misconception that they pull over all lorries. which simply isn’t true, their focus is on the serially non-compliant (& rightfully so) and they are very unlikely to stop trucks run by the safest operators such as those who have achieved Earned Recognition status unless there is an obvious visual problem.

For operators, the implications for time-saving & improving fleet efficiency with the introduction Earned Recognition and therefore not being the focus for roadside checks are clear.

If you would like to find out more about how Earned Recognition & AssetGo can help work for your fleet please check here & you can read the full DVSA post here

The last few months have seen AssetGo expand & update to now include a wealth of new features that benefit operators.

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Having been awarded DVSA Earned Recognition status as an IT supplier back in the Autumn of 2019 & already featuring FORS compliant checklists, the AssetGo Fleet and Workshop Management Solution now offers a full suite of tools that save busy fleet & transport managers valuable time, reducing vehicle downtime and improving efficiency.

These tools include:

Fleet Cost Analysis

Periodic Maintenance Inspections

DVSA Earned Recognition KPI’s

Service & MOT Schedules

Defect Management & Tracking

Standalone & Recurring Defect Reporting

Fuel Use & Mileage

Tachograph Calibration Records

Driver Records

The team at AssetGo prides itself on having created a product that is designed with the user in mind, so all new features are extensively developed, tested & researched with ongoing feedback from current users & industry professionals – nothing is added for the sake of adding and everything offers a benefit. Best of all, all of these additional features have been added at no additional cost to customers, meaning not only is AssetGo industry-leading in terms of benefits, but it is also one of the most cost-effective.

There are plenty more innovations and new features in development at the moment as AssetGo continues to evolve into an industry-leading fleet management solution.

To find out how AssetGo can benefit your business & fleet management please contact us today by calling 03301 744 244 or email to get a free trial & demo.

A question that is often asked is “Why should we get DVSA Earned Recognition? What’s in it for us?”

The answer is, there are many great reasons to gain Earned Recognition.

What is DVSA Earned Recognition?

Earned Recognition is the DVSA’s preferred route for operators to show their operations are safe & compliant and gives you as operators a simple, hassle-free way to prove the standards of your drivers and vehicles. The added benefit of which is that you can reduce your vehicle downtime.

ER is a voluntary scheme that is suitable for fleets & operators of all sizes and simply requires that your systems include an approved solution for both you vehicle maintenance and drivers hours. The DVSA is them automatically kept up to date that Key Performance Indicators are being achieved using approved systems such as the Asset Go ER Workshop Management System.

The DVSA have also appointed auditors to review operators procedures to ensure they comply and can adhere to the KPI requirements.

Key Benefits of Earned Recognition

Here at Asset Go we believe that ER is the way forward, below we have outlined some key benefits.

1) Your drivers are less likely to be stopped at the roadside, saving valuable time (considering an average roadside stop can take up to 45 minutes)

2) Having regular checks and automatic reports will result in less need for DVSA on site inspections.

3) You’ll have peace of mind in terms of safety & legality knowing that you’re carrying out regular vehicle and driver safety checks.

4) You’ll be able to use the Earned Recognition branding and be considered a top tier operator in the eyes of prospective clients and for any future tenders.

5) Your business will be officially named as a DVSA-approved operator on GOV.UK

What next?

If you would like to start your journey toward Earned Recognition please take a look at the official DVSA website here.

Asset Go is an Earned Recognition IT Solution provider for workshop management & maintenance and we are happy to work with you to gain ER.

For a demo of the Asset Go system & more information please click here.