Today (10th August 2021) sees the launch of the government’s consultation into the proposed changes to the current requirements needed to obtain vocational driving licences for category C and D tests (and all derivatives thereof).

DVSA driver testing

The shortage of drivers increased in the last five years from 45,000 in 2016 to over 76,000 today, so this consolation is vital in addressing the issue. Because of this, the DVSA is calling on operators and the further driver training and testing industry to get involved in the consultation from the beginning to help ensure it’s a success especially considering the wide-reaching effects that the driver shortage could have.

There are several areas that the new consolation will be looking into, including:

  • allowing drivers to take one test to include both rigid and articulated lorries,
  • letting bus and coach drivers who may wish to take a trailer take their test with a trailer as standard,
  • allowing the driving training industry to assess off-road manoeuvres
  • allowing car drivers to tow trailers without the need for another test.

These proposals detailed above should help alleviate the strain on the DVSA with driver testing backlogs that have evolved because of the pandemic since the restart of testing in April. Training full-time DVSA examiners have also been prioritised recently as part of the ongoing efforts.

These are just some of the consultation areas, and you can take a look at the complete, in-depth details here and also give your invaluable views about how these ideas can help shape (or not) the future of the UK transport industry.

The consolation is due to last four weeks, ending on 7th September. In addition, the DVSA expects to update the industry regarding increasing the availability of vocational tests and enhancements to the online booking system.


The DVLA launches a new online tachograph service, slashing wait times and allowing instant payments.

digital tachograph cards

The DVLA announced on the 22nd June that the new digital service for drivers and operators to be able to apply and pay for their digital tachograph cards is now live.

As part of the initiative to move all aspects of the DVLA’s digital service to its new secure cloud-based system, the online tachograph card service is blazing a trail for further enhancements to the DVLA digital system, benefiting customers and streamlining the service.

The new tachograph service will allow over 780,000 drivers to apply for, renew and replace their tachograph cards quickly and efficiently without the need for paperwork (although drivers can still complete a paper-based application if preferred).

This new service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cards can be issued within 24 hours compared to the usual 10 working day wait for traditional paper applications.

DVLA Chief Executive Julie Lennard was very upbeat in her appraisal of the new system, stating “ We are delighted to launch our new online driver tachograph service.

This quick and easy to use service will give drivers who need tachograph cards greater flexibility around how, when and where they transact with us, and they will get their new card back even quicker.”

Digital tachograph renewal dates can easily be tracked so you know your drivers always have up to date cards by monitoring the details in the AssetGo fleet management dashboard 

You can find out more about this new initiative and system by visiting the DVLA website here

Please see below our press release detailing the launch of AssetGo.


Leading Sheffield based fleet and workshop management software provider announces major rebrand

Press release: 4th November 2020.

Sheffield based Digital 2000 announced today that they are forming a new business along with the rebrand of their fleet and workshop management system, CheckPro. The new business is called Asset Go Solutions Ltd and its software product AssetGo.

Matt Cotton, Founder and Managing Director of Digital 2000 and Asset Go Solutions Ltd, explained the reasons behind the change, “Since launching CheckPro, over three years ago, it has undergone significant development. Evolving from a checklist tool to a comprehensive highly versatile asset, fleet, and workshop management system. We have become a leading provider to businesses operating in logistics, haulage and waste management. With this in mind, we felt that the original name did not now fully reflect the system as it is today.”

Matt Cotton explained why they chose to create a new business; “Our objective has always been to eventually set up the software side of our business as a separate entity and due to the success of the system, we are now able to do that. It seemed logical to coincide this with the rebrand of the CheckPro fleet and workshop management system.”

Matt Cotton continued; “The new identity had to satisfy the existing expectations of what our original marque stands for, whilst simultaneously moving the brand forward. We believe our new name AssetGo successfully achieves this goal.”

The rebrand also coincides with the launch of a major new development to the system. The new dynamic AssetGo Planner enables managers to gain complete visibility of their fleet maintenance activities and for users a clearer view of their tasks. Further details are to be provided before the upgrade goes live in November.

Existing users have been asked to download the new AssetGo app from either Apple App Store or Google Play to take advantage of the upgraded functionality.

Digital 2000’s TachPro brand, an industry leading specialist supplier of driver, vehicle and tachograph consumables to the road haulage and passenger transport sectors, will remain within the business.

About AssetGo

AssetGo helps businesses to streamline their workshop and maintenance procedures and reduce vehicle downtime, whilst ensuring that their fleet and assets remain fully compliant – eliminating risk, improving operational efficiency and reducing cost. AssetGo’s DVSA Earned Recognition approved fleet and workshop management suite provides a full audit trail and enables businesses to become compliant with DVSA, FORS, ADR and HSE regulations. For more information on AssetGo, visit



The backbone of Britain

As the UK rightly applauds the heroic efforts given by the NHS workers, we must also acknowledge the unsung and unseen heroes helping to keep Britain moving.

As the majority of workers are forced to operate from home to help restrict the spread of Covid-19, it has become particularly apparent how much we rely on those delivering frontline and critical infrastructure services.

The media rightfully highlights the fantastic work carried out by our health service but there are also other industries, which don’t get the same level of accolade, who’s workers are operating day and night to keep our country going. For example, where would we be without industries such as transport and logistics, waste management and agriculture – whose staff work tirelessly to make sure goods are delivered (including essentials medicines and protective equipment), waste is disposed of and food arrives on our supermarket shelves.

The unsung heroes include people working as van and HGV drivers, technicians and mechanics, farmers, warehouse operatives, FLT drivers and transport managers – all helping to maintain supply chains, waste management services, utilities, food production and local delivery services. They make up ‘the backbone of Britain’ and their efforts are crucial at this time of national crisis – they not only keep the NHS supplied but ensure that our nation has the right provisions to enable it to fight this incredibly destructive pandemic.

It is saddening to hear reports of drivers being refused the use of toilets and other facilities and not being given the same level of support afforded to those working in other ‘essential services’, such as the NHS and Pharmacology. It is now increasingly important that we, as a nation, recognise how crucial these roles are to our survival and make sure they’re given the same prioritisation, protection and provisions as their counterparts in other essential areas.

With this in mind, we would like to show our gratitude to the unsung and unseen heroes of Great Britain.  We recognise and applaud your efforts to keep our country moving at this most difficult of times and ask that everyone spares a thought for and gives support to all those battling through adversity, seen or unseen, to deliver the services we require. You really are our heroes.

The DVSA recently posted on their Moving On blog a post that dispelled some of the myths that you might hear about what they do & how they do it.

One really interesting point was the common misconception that they pull over all lorries. which simply isn’t true, their focus is on the serially non-compliant (& rightfully so) and they are very unlikely to stop trucks run by the safest operators such as those who have achieved Earned Recognition status unless there is an obvious visual problem.

For operators, the implications for time-saving & improving fleet efficiency with the introduction Earned Recognition and therefore not being the focus for roadside checks are clear.

If you would like to find out more about how Earned Recognition & AssetGo can help work for your fleet please check here & you can read the full DVSA post here

The last few months have seen AssetGo expand & update to now include a wealth of new features that benefit operators.

Partner Logos

Having been awarded DVSA Earned Recognition status as an IT supplier back in the Autumn of 2019 & already featuring FORS compliant checklists, the AssetGo Fleet and Workshop Management Solution now offers a full suite of tools that save busy fleet & transport managers valuable time, reducing vehicle downtime and improving efficiency.

These tools include:

Fleet Cost Analysis

Periodic Maintenance Inspections

DVSA Earned Recognition KPI’s

Service & MOT Schedules

Defect Management & Tracking

Standalone & Recurring Defect Reporting

Fuel Use & Mileage

Tachograph Calibration Records

Driver Records

The team at AssetGo prides itself on having created a product that is designed with the user in mind, so all new features are extensively developed, tested & researched with ongoing feedback from current users & industry professionals – nothing is added for the sake of adding and everything offers a benefit. Best of all, all of these additional features have been added at no additional cost to customers, meaning not only is AssetGo industry-leading in terms of benefits, but it is also one of the most cost-effective.

There are plenty more innovations and new features in development at the moment as AssetGo continues to evolve into an industry-leading fleet management solution.

To find out how AssetGo can benefit your business & fleet management please contact us today by calling 03301 744 244 or email to get a free trial & demo.


TfL has recently introduced a new standard for HGV’s over 12 tonnes (GVW) entering London which measures just how much drivers can see through their cab windows. It’s an important innovation that could help protect pedestrians & cyclists & motorcyclists, not to mention the drivers themselves.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is a helpful assessment tool that measures the scope of an HGV driver’s vision and blind spots from the cab in relation to other road users and categorises them with a star rating system from 0-5 stars as part of the HGV Safety Permit.  Check your vehicle’s star rating here

The height of the cab from the road is a key factor in blind spots, for example a construction truck is, on average, 32% higher than other road users meaning that they need to be 3 times further away to be seen – especially dangerous for other road users.  Overall 70% of cyclist fatalities in the last few years throughout London involved HGV’s with high cabs.

From 26th October 2020, any HGV that has a zero star rating (that therefore contravenes the indirect vision aspect of the standard) will be banned from entering London unless the operator improves the safety of the vehicle by fitting safe system improvements such as cameras, sensors and improved class V & VI mirrors.

Full details of the Safe System improvements can be found here.

Long term, the plan is to introduce a ban on any vehicle with a rating below 3 stars will be introduced by October 2024 that doesn’t include additional safety systems.

It is highly recommended that you get your permits in place as penalty charge notices of up to £550 will be applied should you enter London without it and permits can be revoked or suspended for failure to adhere to the permit conditions.

AssetGo can help keep track of all your permits including the DVS, & HGV safety permit within its fleet management system, giving you peace of mind that your fleet is up to date with the latest requirements. To find out more and get a free trial click here.