Today (10th August 2021) sees the launch of the government’s consultation into the proposed changes to the current requirements needed to obtain vocational driving licences for category C and D tests (and all derivatives thereof).

DVSA driver testing

The shortage of drivers increased in the last five years from 45,000 in 2016 to over 76,000 today, so this consolation is vital in addressing the issue. Because of this, the DVSA is calling on operators and the further driver training and testing industry to get involved in the consultation from the beginning to help ensure it’s a success especially considering the wide-reaching effects that the driver shortage could have.

There are several areas that the new consolation will be looking into, including:

  • allowing drivers to take one test to include both rigid and articulated lorries,
  • letting bus and coach drivers who may wish to take a trailer take their test with a trailer as standard,
  • allowing the driving training industry to assess off-road manoeuvres
  • allowing car drivers to tow trailers without the need for another test.

These proposals detailed above should help alleviate the strain on the DVSA with driver testing backlogs that have evolved because of the pandemic since the restart of testing in April. Training full-time DVSA examiners have also been prioritised recently as part of the ongoing efforts.

These are just some of the consultation areas, and you can take a look at the complete, in-depth details here and also give your invaluable views about how these ideas can help shape (or not) the future of the UK transport industry.

The consolation is due to last four weeks, ending on 7th September. In addition, the DVSA expects to update the industry regarding increasing the availability of vocational tests and enhancements to the online booking system.


The importance of defect reporting and daily walkaround checks cannot be overstated for the transport industry, ensuring HGV’s, vans, coaches & minibuses are safe to operate not only protects other road users it also protects your business and your operator licence.

AssetGo daily check complete

Traditionally this reporting is undertaken using a paper-based system such as a defect book and some transport managers and operators have been reluctant to make the change to new digital systems, however, the reasons to change far outweigh any downsides.

Here are 8 reasons why taking your defect reporting paperless is the right move for your business:

  • Going paperless will save you time. With less paperwork to file, sort through and process, you’ll free up your precious time to be able to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • Saving time will in turn increase your efficiency & therefore save you money as you process & rectify defects more quickly.
  • Be in control. With a digital system such as AssetGo, you get access to an instant overview of your current fleet status. Being able to identify which vehicles have reported issues, which drivers are submitting reports on time and other key indicators can be viewed to help you stay on top of your operation. Take a look at our case studies to find out more about how this has helped operators such as Cargo Express and Breedon Group amongst others.
  • Peace of mind. By having a complete digital record & audit trail of all identified defects, you can be certain you’re running a safer, more compliant fleet. AssetGo not only gives you a comprehensive view of your daily checks, but it is also a complete fleet management system covering all aspects of your PMI checks, maintenance and driver records as well as cost analysis and other workshop scheduling.
  • Easy setup. You may think that switching to a digital defect reporting and daily walkaround checks system may be time-consuming and even a hassle, but with AssetGo that won’t be the case because we offer a hassle-free onboarding service, which includes adding all your drivers & assets, creating your checklists and ongoing training & support for you, your internal team. All this helps to ensure a smooth transition as quickly as possible.
  • By going paperless you’re reducing your carbon footprint and therefore helping the environment, which is a reason in itself.
  • With social distancing so important these days, protecting your drivers and other staff by eliminating paperwork & moving your defect reporting to a digital-based system
  • Lastly, we offer a free trial of AssetGo for you to see how it can work for your business, and how it can help increase your efficiency not only for your daily walkaround checks but for your overall fleet management and maintenance procedures

Find out more by calling one of our support team today on 03301 744244 or complete our online form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Riverside Travel

Riverside Travel are a minibus & taxi operator based in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

Currently they have a fleet of 24 minibuses & taxi’s that they operate around the local area and beyond. To keep on top of their compliance they decided a daily checks app would be the way forward.

With three main types of vehicle, including standard Ford Tourneo & Transit minibuses, along with wheelchair accessible minibuses (including Mercedes Sprinter, Peugeot Boxer & Nissan NV 400’s) and other taxi vehicles, they needed a system that could allow them to have checklists to suit the specific needs of each vehicle.

wheelchair access

Asset Go was identified as the ideal solution with customised checklists for each asset type set up quickly and easily. For some vehicles they added additional checks outside the standard DVSA template including Hackney Licence, School Signs & Wheelchair Equipment.

Ryan Emby from Riverside Travel said “The benefit of using Asset Go over paper is less paperwork to file and also helps with drivers that work away from our base as they don’t have to travel back to base to hand in paperwork.”

Ryan also pointed out that because Asset Go is easy to customise, they have options to use it for other aspects of their day to day operating procedures, saying “I’m thinking we could potentially use the system to keep a record of the passengers we pick up. We do the same routes with the same passengers daily so we could mark whether the student has attended school that day/used our transport.”

He also has plans to implement the workshop maintenance side of the system in the future.

Asset Go is a great option for operators within the passenger transport industry, especially considering the large number of differing vehicles and accommodating the various needs of passengers safely & effectively. If you would like to find out more about how Asset Go can benefit you, your drivers & passengers please don’t hesitate to get in contact today and get an online demo & free trial.