As a professional driver, be it a driver of an HGV, a Coach, Van, Car or Minibus, ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive is your legal responsibility not just for your safety but also other road users.

The DVSA recommends that a responsible person should always undertake a daily walk around check before taking a vehicle onto the road. This also applies when a 2nd user takes over the use of a vehicle during a shift change for example.

Carrying out a daily defect walk around check ensures that you as a driver can show your compliance with regulations in the event of a roadside check. If a driver takes a vehicle onto the road that has serious defects that affect the roadworthiness of that vehicle, the driver can be held equally responsible alongside the operator and may be fined or prosecuted.

In terms of HGV & LGV, the DVSA sets out a standard list of general checks that a driver should undertake each day in their Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness. But for a majority of drivers there would be additional checks that their operator may require to be carried out – such as with specific load types, vehicle livery & cleanliness and additional requirements from other bodies such as FORS (who stipulate Fresnel lenses, left turn alarms etc as part of their accreditation). 

How AssetGo Daily Checks can help

This is where AssetGo can help drivers & operators alike with customisable checklists that can be created to suit any requirements. The customised driver’s daily checklist can be viewed within the AssetGo app and once completed the report is immediately sent back to the transport manager to be reviewed and any required repairs or issues can be actioned and tracked through to completion using the AssetGo workshop management suite of tools.

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