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The importance of defect reporting and daily walkaround checks cannot be overstated for the transport industry, ensuring HGV’s, vans, coaches & minibuses are safe to operate not only protects other road users it also protects your business and your operator licence.

Traditionally this reporting is undertaken using a paper-based system such as a defect book and some transport managers and operators have been reluctant to make the change to new digital systems, however, the reasons to move toward paperless defect reporting far outweigh any downsides.

Here are 8 reasons why taking your defect reporting paperless is the right move for your business:

  • Going paperless will save you time. With less paperwork to file, sort through and process, you’ll free up your precious time to be able to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • Saving time will in turn increase your efficiency & therefore save you money as you process & rectify defects more quickly.
  • Be in control. With a digital system such as AssetGo, you get access to an instant overview of your current fleet status. Being able to identify which vehicles have reported issues, which drivers are submitting reports on time and other key indicators can be viewed to help you stay on top of your operation. Take a look at our case studies to find out more about how this has helped operators such as Cargo Express and Breedon Group amongst others.
  • Peace of mind. By having a complete digital record & audit trail of all identified defects, you can be certain you’re running a safer, more compliant fleet. AssetGo not only gives you a comprehensive view of your daily checks, but it is also a complete fleet management system covering all aspects of your PMI checks, maintenance and driver records as well as cost analysis and other workshop scheduling.
  • Easy setup. You may think that switching to a digital defect reporting and daily walkaround checks system may be time-consuming and even a hassle, but with AssetGo that won’t be the case because we offer a hassle-free onboarding service, which includes adding all your drivers & assets, creating your checklists and ongoing training & support for you, your internal team. All this helps to ensure a smooth transition as quickly as possible.
  • By going paperless you’re reducing your carbon footprint and therefore helping the environment, which is a reason in itself.
  • With social distancing so important these days, protecting your drivers and other staff by eliminating paperwork & moving your defect reporting to a digital-based system
  • Lastly, we offer a free trial of AssetGo for you to see how it can work for your business, and how it can help increase your efficiency not only for your daily walkaround checks but for your overall fleet management and maintenance procedures

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