The UK road haulage industry is one of, if not the most important industries across the UK today. Trucks & vans are essential for businesses and deliver everything we rely on in our day to day lives including our food, drink, shelter, work places and everything in-between. To put a value on it the UK transport industry generates for the UK economy approximately £125 billion.

There is quite often a stigma attached to lorries and of course the “white van man” but it is extremely unfair and more appreciation of road transport  as a whole may help to fill the increasing gap in driver numbers that is a concern, especially for HGV operators, in the industry today.

To give a true picture of just how important road haulage is to the UK, we’ve collated these eye opening facts & figures:

  • There are almost half a million vehicles over 3.5 tonnes registered in the UK
  • 98% off all food & agricultural products are transported by road
  • As is 98% of all consumer products such as TV’s, furniture etc
  • Employing over 2.5 million people the transport sector is the 5th largest in the UK just behind the manufacturing & banking / finance sectors


There are a number of agencies that work with the road transport industry to facilitate safety and compliance.

These include the DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency), who implement various procedures and regulations to help keep this huge operation running successfully. These include drivers hours regulations, daily walk around checks and 6 weekly inspections

Whilst FORS implements a multi level accreditation for operating vehicles in London in conjunction with TfL (Transport For London) that increases safety for all road users with requirements such as left turn alarms and special Fresnal mirrors.

Highways England and their counterparts in Scotland, Northern Ireland & Wales also enforce compliance alongside traffic police and the Highways Agency.