A question that is often asked is “Why should we get DVSA Earned Recognition? What’s in it for us?”

The answer is, there are many great reasons to gain Earned Recognition.

What is DVSA Earned Recognition?

Earned Recognition is the DVSA’s preferred route for operators to show their operations are safe & compliant and gives you as operators a simple, hassle-free way to prove the standards of your drivers and vehicles. The added benefit of which is that you can reduce your vehicle downtime.

ER is a voluntary scheme that is suitable for fleets & operators of all sizes and simply requires that your systems include an approved solution for both you vehicle maintenance and drivers hours. The DVSA is them automatically kept up to date that Key Performance Indicators are being achieved using approved systems such as the Asset Go ER Workshop Management System.

The DVSA have also appointed auditors to review operators procedures to ensure they comply and can adhere to the KPI requirements.

Key Benefits of Earned Recognition

Here at Asset Go we believe that ER is the way forward, below we have outlined some key benefits.

1) Your drivers are less likely to be stopped at the roadside, saving valuable time (considering an average roadside stop can take up to 45 minutes)

2) Having regular checks and automatic reports will result in less need for DVSA on site inspections.

3) You’ll have peace of mind in terms of safety & legality knowing that you’re carrying out regular vehicle and driver safety checks.

4) You’ll be able to use the Earned Recognition branding and be considered a top tier operator in the eyes of prospective clients and for any future tenders.

5) Your business will be officially named as a DVSA-approved operator on GOV.UK

What next?

If you would like to start your journey toward Earned Recognition please take a look at the official DVSA website here.

Asset Go is an Earned Recognition IT Solution provider for workshop management & maintenance and we are happy to work with you to gain ER.

For a demo of the Asset Go system & more information please click here.